Working at Opus Energy

It's more than a job


Our offices bring together hard-working, talented and creative people, and we want to ensure that every one of them feels supported and enriched. So, no matter what department you’re a part of, you can be assured of a career that is fast-paced, exciting and filled with opportunity. Read more about just some of the benefits you will enjoy as part of our team.

Free health insurance

Each of our employees is covered with free health insurance through Vitality Health. This means that not only are you covered with a comprehensive health plan for when things go wrong, but you also have access to fun incentives for staying healthy and active, such as a free weekly Starbucks drink or cinema ticket. What’s more, you will also have access to exclusive member discounts through Vitality that you can use to buy everything from an Apple Watch to spa days and flights.

Competitive salaries and bonus

We have a wide range of departments across Opus Energy, and are continually working to ensure that the salaries we offer our people across the business remain competitive. As part of Drax Group, all Opus employees also enjoy a group performance-based bonus scheme.

Flexible benefits

Everybody’s different, and here at Opus, we want to make sure we’re offering benefits that suit your needs. This gives you the chance to pick and choose what you’re after. Need a couple of extra days’ annual leave? No problem. Want a dental care package? We’ve got that covered. How about travel insurance? We have that too! Our flexible benefits give you an allowance you can use towards your choice, along with an easy salary-sacrifice scheme to cover the rest.

Career progression

Our company has grown rapidly over the last few years and we don’t have plans of stopping any time soon. As an Opus employee, you’re right by our side for this exciting journey, and we want to make sure your career grows with us. This means working with you to understand where you want to be, and ensuring that we give you the tools, mentorship and motivation to help you get there.

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