Accessibility options

This site includes several options allowing the user to adjust the settings to suit their requirements and provide greater accessibility.

Adjusting the text size

The text size used throughout the site is easily increased or decreased using your browser. A couple of examples of how to do this are listed below:

Changing your text size in Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. Select ‘Text Size’ from the ‘View’ menu.
2. Select from the list of predefined text sizes raning from ‘Largest’ to ‘Smallest’.

Changing your text size in Mozilla:

1. Select ‘Text Size’ from the ‘View’ menu.
2. Select ‘Increase Font’ or ‘Decrease Font’ to adjust the font size accordingly.

Keyboard shortcuts (access keys):

This website includes integrated keyboard shortcuts, known as Access Keys, to allow quick access to pages and provide quick and easy navigation for users without a mouse.

The keyboard shortcuts can be used from any page in the site and are listed below:

1 = Home
2 = About us
3 = Contact Us
4 = Accessibility options
5 = Sitemap

To use these access keys follow the instructions below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer: Alt + keyboard shortcut + Enter
Firefox: Shift + Alt + keyboard shortcut
Chrome: Alt + access key
Opera: Shift + Esc + access key

To return to this page to amend your settings click on the ‘Accessibility’ link at the foot of each page or use the Access Key ‘4’ in line with your browser’s shortcuts.