Complaints: step one

We’re here to help you

We work really hard to ensure that we provide an excellent service for all our customers. However, sometimes, things can go wrong. If that does happen, we’ll work with you to resolve it as soon as we can. We want to get to the bottom of your complaint as much as you do, so please get in touch with our Customer Service team here. We’ll do our best to help you with your enquiry.

If you’re still unhappy and your issue hasn’t been resolved, you can contact our specialist Customer Care department in a number of ways:

Call us: 0800 630 0841*

Email us:

Write to us: Customer Care team, Opus Energy, Royal Pavilion, 2 Summerhouse Road, NN3 6BJ

You can also fill out the Opus Energy complaints online form.


What happens next?

After you raise your complaint, we’ll contact you and carry out an investigation.  Whilst we’re required to contact you within five working days, we aim to be in contact within 48 hours. We want to address your concerns in the best way possible and will:

  • Provide you with the details of what we’ve found. If we’ve made a mistake, we’ll apologise.
  • We’ll also propose a plan of the different steps we can take to put things right in order to get the matter resolved for you as quickly as possible, and in the appropriate circumstances, award compensation.

We really hope that the Opus Energy Complaints and Customer Care team will be able to resolve your issue to your satisfaction, but if they’ve tried to put things right and you’re still unhappy, you can escalate your complaint. If you click on ‘Step two’, you’ll find all the details of how to do this if needed.

Complaints: step two

We want you to know that Opus Energy reviews its customer care standards on an ongoing basis. Once your complaint has been resolved successfully, we’d really appreciate it if you could tell us about your experience.


*All telephone calls received by Opus Energy are recorded for training and verification purposes.


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