Our energy sources

At Opus Energy, we endeavour to secure as much of our power as possible from cleaner electricity sources, so our customers can enjoy a cleaner energy supply.

Over the last two years (between April 2016 and March 2018), 95% of the electricity supplied by Opus Energy to our customers came from renewable generators.

As part of our commitment to help reduce climate change and maintain a cleaner energy supply, we will continue to buy a significant proportion of our electricity, wherever possible, from renewable sources.

Generators who produce renewable power are provided with a government certificate as evidence that they have produced power which is 100% renewable. This certificate is called a Guarantee of Origin. It is then passed on to Opus Energy as proof that the power we have procured and supplied to our customers is from a sustainable source.

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Treating customers fairly

We're committed to treating our customers fairly, and adhere to high standards of performance.