Non-commodity charges

Choose how you'd like your business's
non-commodity charges to be managed.

Non-commodity charges

Non-commodity costs are made up of obligatory charges and levies from third parties. They range from the cost of delivering the electricity to your meter, to Government-supported renewable energy schemes.

While Opus Energy has no control over the cost of these charges, we provide you with the option of choosing how you would like to be charged for them with three non-commodity options: Protect, Preference or Published.

Protect - Future-proof your non-commodity charges

Fixed price guarentee: We won't increase your fixed non-commodity charges agreed at the start of your contract.

Who will it suit? Customers that require absolute budget certainty and want to avoid possible price increases.

Preference - Manage which prices to track or future proof

Full control: Choose which non-commodity charges you wish to fix and which you are prepared to accept as variable for your contract.

Who will it suit? Customers that would like the flexibility of budget certainty for some charges whilst paying a variable rate on others.

Prevailing - Track current prices without risk premiums

Current prices: Avoid paying a risk premium, with the peace of mind that you're paying the applicable third party charge at any time.

Who will it suit? Customers that wish to pay prevailing charges at any time and understand that these may increase or decrease during their contract.

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