Insights / Cambridge Colleges Consortium renews with Opus Energy for renewable source electricity

Cambridge Colleges Consortium renews with Opus Energy for renewable source electricity

23rd March 2021

We’re delighted to announce that the Cambridge Colleges Consortium have agreed a three-year renewal with Opus Energy. From the contracted period beginning in October 2020, Opus Energy will supply renewable source electricity to more than 1,200 non-half hourly meter points across the 31 Colleges.

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The Cambridge Colleges Consortium is supplied with our leading tariff for large business, Opus Advance Plus, which gives users carbon-free electricity sourced exclusively from UK-based generators. For the CCC, we’ve gone one step further, guaranteeing to supply renewable source electricity exclusively from generators in and around Cambridge where possible.

In addition, we’ll be rolling out SMETS2 smart meters to all eligible sites, helping Cambridge Colleges Consortium to better understand energy consumption across their non-half hourly portfolio.

Giles Greenfield from Darwin College said:

“The Cambridge Colleges buy energy on a consortium basis, as their energy needs are similar. Combining their buying requirements allows access to sources of supply and extended purchase periods which would not be available to them individually.

“Since 2016, the leading criterion for the final choice of contracts for both large (‘half-hourly’) and small (‘non-half-hourly’) electricity supply points has been the source of supply. Renewable sourcing was a major criterion for the latest re-tendering exercise and we are pleased that there was also the opportunity of linking supply to solar farms in our region.

“We are delighted that the electricity market operates in a way where our demand, along with that of other users with similar aims, has participated in stimulating the availability of sustainable supplies of electricity, and in that way helping to de-carbonise the electricity grid.”

Rob Milloy, Sales & Service Director, Drax Customers (Opus Energy and Haven Power), said:

“We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside Cambridge Colleges Consortium, providing renewable source electricity sourced from local generators.

“As a dedicated business energy supplier, we’ve got the experience to help manage the complex portfolios and energy requirements of organisations like Cambridge Colleges Consortium.

“Our account management for corporate customers ensures a high level of service. As part of Drax, we’re at the forefront of innovation in energy, and we can deliver support and innovative products to our customers as their needs change.

“We look forward to supporting Cambridge Colleges Consortium on their sustainability journey over the coming years.”

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