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Supporting UK-based renewable power: Our illustrated generation guide

3rd March 2020

Opus Energy partners with over 2,300 small business renewable energy generators across the UK.

From wind turbines to hydro plants, sustainable electricity is being generated widely across the UK, and Opus Energy is playing its part by supporting those who are contributing to a cleaner, lower carbon energy mix.

And it’s all ensuring our planet has a brighter future.

Partnering with renewable energy generators

The above map represents the generators we support across the UK, buying their excess electricity and supplying it in turn to our business customers. Here’s the current breakdown by renewable energy generation type:

Renewable energy technology type Number of sites
Solar (PV) 1,100+
Wind 850+
Hydro 50+
CHP 40+
Anaerobic digestion 30+
Landfill gas <5

What is a PPA?

PPA stands for ‘power purchase agreement’. This is a contract that lets people sell excess power from their renewable energy generator to a licenced energy supplier. For example, businesses can install solar panels or wind turbines and use this electricity to be self-sufficient and reduce their energy bills. Any spare power generated can be sold on, creating extra revenue.

That’s exactly what customer Roger Ashby did. His farm is home to several generators, including solar panels, anaerobic digestion and a wind turbine. The generators reduce his energy bills and he then makes profit by selling the excess renewable electricity to Opus Energy.

Opus Energy is powering business sustainably

Last year, 100% of the electricity supplied to Opus Energy customers was sourced from renewable energy.

This power is guaranteed by certificates of origin that prove the electricity we bought and sold came from renewable sources – such as wind turbines, solar panels, hydro generators and anaerobic digestion plants.

This means that all Opus Energy customers can say their purchased electricity originally came from totally sustainable sources.

Energy sources 2019-20

While Opus Energy customers enjoyed 100% renewable, carbon-emission-free electricity, the average energy supplier fuel mix has just 33% renewable energy. Learn more about our energy fuel mix here.

This means that between April 2018 and March 2019 (our last full reporting year), Opus Energy customers saved roughly 1 million tonnes of carbon.

Find out more about PPAs

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