Brighter business / 6 inventive rewards to incentivise your Sales team

6 inventive rewards to incentivise your Sales team

5th April 2017

Sales positions are stressful by their nature, and while many sales teams thrive under pressure, they also need rewarding for all their hard work.

In the sales profession, commission-based contracts are common, directly linking job performance with key targets to reward high achievers.

However, while money is a great incentive for many people, there’s more than one way to reward performance.

A 2015 survey indicated that perception of rewards are linked to employee engagement. The survey demonstrates the importance of using unique and inventive rewards to incentivise your staff, keeping them motivated, helping to keep your employees engaged with their work and encouraging them to perform to at their best.

We have a few suggestions here for businesses who want to take a more inventive approach when it comes to incentivising employees. Some of them are suitable for smaller businesses, while others will be practical for businesses with a higher turnover. Scroll through and see which ones could be a good fit for your business…

1. Time

What motivates people to get to work? Knowing they can get some time off work.

There are a few ways you could implement this – one could be a simple reward of giving the highest seller a full day of annual leave at the end of each month. If you want to make it a more regular reward – for example, weekly – you could let the best performer leave early on a Friday.

Whichever way you decide to do it, this a great mini-motivator – who doesn’t love an early finish to kick-start the weekend?

2. Keep it simple

Sometimes, especially at small businesses, resources (including time) are in short supply. But never underestimate the power of a genuine thank you.

A personalised letter which recognises an employees’ hard work and thanks them for contribution can let them know that their efforts don’t go unnoticed.

A small, handwritten note for the top performer can go a long way to letting them know that they play a key role in the business and that they’re appreciated.

3. Status symbols

Have fun with it! Invest in an inexpensive trophy which you can award to your top salesperson at the end of each month; everyone loves a winner.

As well as being a playful incentive which can drive friendly competition within the team, this gives you the opportunity to reward your staff with something which tangible that doesn’t breaking the bank. Plus, the ceremonial award of the trophy is a good way to get attention in the office.

4. Gifts

Small, personalised gifts for your employees are another great way to show that you appreciate their hard work.

This is particularly useful if you know your employees well and are able to offer them something that you know they’ll enjoy. Taking the time to get to know what your employees are interested in and passionate about and then acting on it is a strong indication that your care about them and the contribution that they make to your business.

This is most practical for a small team, and is probably best saved for an infrequent, notable reward.

5. Hospitality

A great way to reward and motivate a group of employees? Take them out for lunch. Bringing your team out for a casual lunch is a great way to break up the work day, and it demonstrates that you’re invested in your staff – while giving recognition in bulk.

It also provides a space outside of the office where employees can unwind and bond over something that isn’t directly related to their day-to-day activities. Everyone, especially target-driven Sales employees, needs a little time to unwind.

6. Events

Want to go all out? Away days – think spa trips, experiences, or adventure days at the likes of Go Ape – are great incentives that work both for individuals and for teams.

Treating your staff to a day away from the office can help them to decompress, giving them a chance to reflect and enjoy their successes. If you want to extend it to a whole team, then it can serve as a great exercise in team bonding, too.