Brighter business / How to guide: Be successful with sustainability after COVID-19

How to guide: Be successful with sustainability after COVID-19

13th July 2020

We surveyed over 1,250 business owners and created a free guide to help put businesses on the path to success through sustainability. Read on to find out more.

The rapid change brought about by the pandemic has forced many of us to make tough decisions that at other times we would’ve avoided altogether.

Our research shows that 75% of small and medium business (SME) decision makers believe COVID-19 has made them feel differently about how they run their business.

It’s been tough, for everyone, but we hope that same boldness can now be aimed at one of our greatest challenges – climate change.

Collectively, small and medium-sized businesses make up the UK’s biggest employer – and we won’t achieve bold climate goals without everyone’s commitment to taking some bold steps.

We’ve spoken with 1,251 business leaders across all business sizes and sectors to find out their biggest concerns right now and what’s stopping them from achieving success through sustainability. We’ve turned the research into a helpful guide that gives you practical advice for your business based on our findings.

In this guide, you’ll find:

Create sustainability success – download your how-to guide now

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