Brighter business / Why and how you should be offering electric vehicle (EV) charging at your business

Why and how you should be offering electric vehicle (EV) charging at your business

24th October 2019

The rise in popularity – and sales – of electric vehicles has grown exponentially in the last number of years.

As the number of electric vehicles on the road increases, it could be a pragmatic move for your business to move with the times by looking into offering EV services:

  • Charging as a service for customers
  • Charging for your own employees, or visitors
  • Powering your own fleet of EVs

Of course there’s cost to consider when investing in your business, but there are providers available who can help with the planning, installation, and charging processes – as well as helping you to keep your costs as low as possible.

The business benefits

There’s an obvious upfront business case for EVs: many businesses adopt them for the long-term savings to be made on fuel and maintenance, compared to ICE (internal combustion engine vehicles).

But offering charge points for EVs can also demonstrate that you’re serious about sustainability. As awareness of the climate crisis grows, consumers are becoming increasingly more discerning about the companies they engage with.

Businesses have several choices to make that can help to demonstrate their commitment to environmental sustainability, including choosing a renewable energy supplier. Making yourself available to consumers with electric vehicles could also be a strong indication of your commitment.

Additionally, EVs need extra time to “refuel”, which can be a benefit to businesses, with The Climate Group (a non-profit dedicated to accelerating clime action)¬¬ finding that EV drivers and owners having higher dwell times than other customers.

This time could be used by the car owners to explore your business, whether that means grabbing a coffee, eating, or browsing the shelves. If customers have a reason to stay, this can mean increased profit and loyalty for your business (especially if you treat your chargers as an extra revenue stream with a cost-per-use).

Having EV charging infrastructure could help you to stand out from the crowd. This is particularly true if your business is outside of a city, or in a smaller town or village within range of a motorway – where EV charging may be in greater demand, now or in the future.

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Making the leap

If you’re considering getting EV charging installed at your premises, your customers and your business, there are a few steps to take.

1. Find a provider

The first is to find a provider who can help you with the process. Opus Energy’s parent company, Drax, now provides EV services to its energy customers. This means the experts at Opus Energy can support eligible customers to make informed decisions, plus help with installation and charging management for workplace electric vehicle charging.

2. Arrange installation

Once a suitability survey has been carried out, you’ll need to arrange the installation and decide your number of charge points. Once you have defined the number of charge points that’s right for your business, you’ll need to request a suitability survey to determine whether there are any electrical constraints specific to your site which need to be resolved

3. Service add-ons

Depending on the provider you choose, there may be additional services on offer to help manage the cost of charging to your business and the management of this cost to your customers. For example, some such as Opus Energy offer EV-specific tariffs to help limit the cost of charging. Other businesses provide app-based and contactless terminal payment methods so your customers can pay as they go to use your charge points.

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Ultimately, there’s more than one way to build EV charging into your business, and whether you want extra revenue or a sustainable employee benefit, this technology and service is now readily available.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how Opus Energy and Drax Group can help your business to realise the benefits of investing in EVs and EV infrastructure, click the button below:

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