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There's never been a better time to think about investing in an electric vehicle. Electric vehicles (EVs) are helping businesses to reduce their transport-related emissions and helping to create the energy network of the future.

EVs solve two problems at once: reducing exhaust-related emissions and reducing the use of fossil-derived fuels.

At Opus Energy, we’re committed to a zero-carbon, lower cost energy future, and helping our customers to become more sustainable, which is why we’re offering EV solutions to our customers.

By switching your business-use vehicles, including fleet vehicles, to EVs, you can both reduce your carbon footprint and benefit from the UK’s increasingly flexible energy network.

At a glance

From start to finish, our experts will be on hand to help at every step of the journey, working closely with you throughout the process.

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We’ll visit you to assess feasibility, needs and operational considerations.

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We’ll install charge points for your staff, visitors and fleet.

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We'll plan when to switch your vehicles, ensuring they stay up-to-date.

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We'll manage the charging and power needs of your fleet.

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We'll increase the value of your fleet through grid services and energy trading.

The benefits

Over the course of a typical life-cycle, EVs are cheaper to run and maintain than their petrol or diesel counterparts.

There are no harmful exhaust emissions from EVs, which means cleaner air in your local area - and a cleaner conscience. And with 100% renewable energy from Opus Energy, charging your fleet won't harm the planet or cost the earth.

Additionally, if you generate your own electricity onsite, we can explore the possibility of powering your fleet vehicles through these assets, reducing your reliance on the grid - and the associated costs.

If you're interested in finding out more about our EV solutions, please get in touch by sending the team an email using the button below.

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The energy system of the future

The energy system of the future

By 2030, the UK will have a smart energy grid. Electric vehicles, energy storage, and digitisation are creating a flexible and sustainable network.

Smart grid

Part of something bigger

Proud to be part of Drax

As part of Drax, we're proud to be working towards a zero-carbon, lower cost energy future. Through the innovation of our parent company and the support of our customers, we're building a brighter, more sustainable future together.

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Why choose electric vehicles?

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Dedicated support from our specialists

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Cleaner fuel, cleaner air, cleaner earth

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Benefit from energy trading services