Upgrade your meters to smart meters

Smart meters enable a more accurate view of your consumption and give the industry more data to manage supply and demand at a national level.

We are installing a new generation of smart meters as part of a nationwide rollout initiated by the Government, enabling customers and small businesses to upgrade at no extra cost.

What are smart meters and their benefits?

Interested in a smart meter?

Once you're officially a customer, we'll run some checks and get in touch to arrange your smart meter installation if you're eligible. Just fill in the form below we will use the information you provide to get in touch when the time comes. For further information about how we use data collected on our website, see our Privacy Notice at opusenergy.com/privacy.

You can find this in the subject line of our quote email and in the quote sheet attached to it.

What are the benefits for businesses?


Automated meter reads


Accurate bills based on regular reads


Access to half-hourly energy use data


No extra cost

Our promise to you

We have signed up to the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP). This ensures our commitment to providing you with a great service, including:

Whenever we make an appointment with you, we will always ensure that any Opus Energy representative who visits you has the correct skills, experience and resources to complete the job at hand.

If, for reasons outside of our control, we can no longer make the appointment and we need to rearrange, your rights are protected by our Standards of Performance.