Get smart / What data does a smart meter share with us?

What data does a smart meter share with us?

Smart meters record more consumption data than traditional meters and they use a high standard of encryption to do so. This is part of what makes them so powerful because they allow you to use the insight from that data to make tweaks to your energy consumption and be more efficient with what you use. We collect the meter readings remotely, so you don't have to submit readings to us anymore after you get one.

Smart meters record your usage every 30 minutes. From 3 November 2022, the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) have changed the rules around sharing half hourly data. This applies to all energy suppliers and is not specific to Opus Energy. The more data shared, the more tailored our energy efficiency advice can be to your business. Find out more.

You can also make a decision on whether:

  • We can share energy consumption with other organisations such those we collaborate with to help us provide you with products and services, network companies that manage energy supply and distribution, the police and other organisations working to detect theft or fraud, or companies that the Government or Ofgem have selected to carry out independent surveys.
  • We can use meter reads to recommend a different tariff, or our own products and services we fill might benefit you

Should you need to change your preferences at any point, please simply call 0800 668 1337, email or write to us at:

Opus Energy House
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