Support / Switching to Opus Energy in three easy steps

Switching to Opus Energy in three easy steps

Step 1: The contract

Once you’ve agreed to your contract, we’ll check the contract details including all recordings or verbal agreements provided and then start the registration process.

We’ll then send you a pack to confirm the tariff rates and contract length agreed, and a copy of your terms and conditions. Make sure you read it carefully and if there’s anything you don’t understand, contact Opus Energy’s Customer Service team. Please ensure you have ended your contract with your current supplier (where required) and paid any outstanding amounts, otherwise they may object to transfer your supply to us.

Step 2: Supply switch and set-up

We contact the industry’s registration database and let them know that we’re taking over your energy supply. The database then sends a notification to your existing supplier that you’re switching your energy supply to us. In most cases, a meter reading will be taken on, or very close to, the date of transfer or we will contact you for a meter reading shortly after you join us.

Step 3: Welcome to Opus Energy

Your energy supply is switched over on transfer day and from then on you can enjoy the benefits of being an Opus Energy customer! We’ll send you a Welcome Pack with useful information shortly after.