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Moving business premises

A hassle-free way to move your supply

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Moving business premises

If you're moving your business address, you’ll need to know about our 3-step change of tenancy process. Adhering to it will help ensure that you only pay for the period you need to, while also protecting your business.

As an additional precaution, we may phone your business – and/or the landlord of the premises – to verify the information you’ve provided is correct. In all cases, by getting and checking the right details, we can make sure that the process goes smoothly and you can focus on running your business.

Step 1: Select the right form

Select the correct form from the three options below. Each one asks for a meter reading.

Please note that if your premises has a Half Hourly meter, we’ll receive readings automatically and may not use your manual read to produce your invoice.

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Tell us you’re moving in

New tenants: Complete and submit this form and we’ll be able to set up your Opus Energy account.

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Tell us you’re moving out

Tenants moving out: Complete this form so we can send your final bill and, once we’ve received your payment, close the account.*

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Set up a tenant

Landlords and agents: Complete this form so we can set up an Opus Energy account for your new tenants.

Step 2: Complete and submit your form

Complete the form, making sure that you've included all of the details required - including your meter readings.

Then simply click 'Submit'.

Step 3: Sit back and relax

We’ll check your form and get in touch if we need any more information to complete your move.

Broker or consultant?

If you’re a broker or consultant and your client has moved into premises on supply with Opus Energy, we’ll need a signed Letter of Authority form.

This will allow us to liaise with you about the client’s account, although there may be times when we need to speak directly to your client.