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Battery storage solutions to help your business

Battery storage is changing energy

The UK's energy network is becoming increasingly flexible, with new technologies becoming more and more important. As the network changes, so do the needs of our customers.

As these developments get underway, we're offering new solutions to help meet our customers' changing demands. Our innovative battery storage product is just one such solution.

A battery allows you to store excess energy generated at your site, and we've developed complex algorithms which let us model your import and export profiles.

This means we can optimise the times at which you can charge and discharge your battery, allowing you to either reduce your own energy costs or to increase your profitability by taking advantage of market prices.

At a glance

From start to finish, we'll walk you through the process. We expect to visit you at your site approximately five to seven times, and we'll be on hand to help at every step of the way.

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First steps

We'll work with you and our data scientists to review your import/export profile, and prepare your application.

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Meet the team

We'll introduce you to some of our site install team, and take some measurements at your site.

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Halfway there

Our installers will visit your site and begin to prepare the area for installation. This process is fully managed by us.

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Nearly there...

Once your site is prepared, we'll deliver, connect and test your battery.

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All set!

We'll visit your site to commission your battery and get you up and running.

The benefits of battery storage

Batteries allow you to store the excess energy you generate. You can choose to export the excess, or you can use it to power your own site.

Thanks to the algorithms developed by our data scientists, we can model your import and export profiles and work together to optimise the times at which you choose to charge and discharge your battery. This means:

If you're interested in finding out more about our battery storage solutions, register your interest by sending us an email using the button below.

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The energy system of the future

The energy system of the future

The smart grid

By 2030, the UK will have a smart energy grid. Renewable generation, smart meters, energy storage, and digitisation are creating a flexible and sustainable network.

Smart grid

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We source renewable energy from more than 2,100 UK generators, as well as a number of European sources, making us the leading supplier of renewable energy to UK businesses.
We're always looking to expand our portfolio of renewable generators; if you generate energy, we want to work with you.

You can get a quote for your energy by emailing our Renewable team using the button below.

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We source low-carbon energy from almost 2,100 generator customers across the UK, at market leading prices.

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“I would definitely recommend Opus Energy to other energy generators."

Mike Brettle