Sell your energy / Renewable meters

Renewable meters

If you generate your own energy, or would like to get started with that, there are certain things to keep in mind.

Before you sell energy to us

We’d like to help you get setup as soon as possible and enjoy the benefits of generating your own energy. For that please make sure:

✔ You can provide us with both the import and export MPANs for your site

  • What is an MPAN? It stands for Meter Point Administration Number and it’s a unique 13 digit number assigned to your property once an electricity connection is made.
  • Where can you find your MPAN? If it’s a new supply, your distributor will provide you with the MPAN. If it’s an existing supply, you can find the number from your current supplier or from a recent energy bill.
  • If you don’t have both MPANs, please contact your local distribution business to create the one you need.
  • Who is my local distribution business? Ofgem has a handy page dedicated to helping you find your local electricity or gas operators.

✔ You agree a contract with your preferred Meter Operator (MOp)

Once we’ve agreed the contracts with you and registered the MPAN in our system, we’ll arrange for your appointed Meter Operator (MOp) to install your import/export meter. Please note that MOps will not accept our request until you’ve agreed a contract directly with them.

As soon as your meter is installed and your site has been energised, you can begin exporting power to Opus Energy.

If you can generate more than 30kWs of energy

If your capacity to generate energy is for more than 30kWs and you want to export your excess energy, you will need a Half-Hourly (HH) export meter.

For this, you must first agree a contract with a Meter Operator (MOp) of your choice. They will be responsible for installing and maintaining the meter and the communications equipment associated with it.

What is a HH meter?

HH meters take a measurement every 30 minutes. Once a day this information is sent via remote mobile signal to a third party data collector for verification. This information is then sent onto us to allow us to process your monthly export payment.

If you import less than 100KVA of energy

In this case, it may be possible to have a Non Half-Hourly (NHH) meter installed as an import meter. These meter types are read monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly or annually, usually by a meter reader.

If you’re not sure of your demand, an electrician will be able to help you assess it.

If you import more than 100KVA of energy

In this case, you’ll need to arrange an agreement with a Meter Operator (MOp) of your choice. Please be mindful that different rules may apply if your supply/connection is connected at a High Voltage (HV).

If you’re not sure of your demand, an electrician will be able to help you assess it.

Availability capacity and how it affects you

When a new connection is made, you set the amount of energy available to you with the distribution company. If you use more than agreed, extra tariff charges may apply for HH import supplies and supplies that are HV connected, and they could be charged at a pence per day per KVA.

If you want to amend the KVA availability set for your connection, contact your distribution company or project manager dealing with your grid connection. This Ofgem webpage can help you find out who your distributor is.