Sell your energy / Renewable subsidies

Renewable subsidies

You can receive a financial subsidy for generating renewable power under one of two schemes devised by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) . These schemes give you a financial reward for your contribution to cutting carbon emissions by producing renewable electricity. Generally, smaller projects will be eligible for Feed-In Tariffs and larger projects will be eligible for the ROC scheme.

Feed-in Tariffs (FiTs)

FiTs are for anaerobic digestion, hydro, solar and wind power sources, generating up to 5MW. If you’re generating small amounts of power, the FiT scheme is usually the best option.

Opus Energy is a Voluntary FiT Licensee and may be able to offer FiT terms.

How does it work?

For every MWh you generate on a Feed-in Tariff, you receive a FiT subsidy at a price set by Ofgem. You can also receive money for any excess power that you export to the National Grid. The price you receive for this is set by Ofgem on a periodic basis (the “Regulated Export Price”).

Alternatively, if your exported generation volumes are large enough, you may be able to negotiate with a supplier such as Opus Energy for a price which is specific to you. To do this, you’d need to opt out of the Regulated Export Price. You can decide to opt out or opt back in for periods of minimum 12 months.

How much subsidy do I receive?

Your FiT subsidy depends on the generation type and size (capacity) of your installation and can also vary according to the eligibility (registration) date.

This Ofgem document shows the latest FiT subsidies per unit for generators.

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Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs)

The ROC Scheme is now closed to new registrations but if you are accredited by Ofgem to receive ROCs then we can enter into a Power Purchase Agreement which could incorporate purchasing your ROCs.

How do they work?

For every MWh you sell under the ROC scheme, you’ll receive Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs) which can be sold to suppliers to help them meet their renewable obligation. The number of ROCs you earn per MWh will depend up on the type of generation you have.

How much subsidy do I receive?

The value of the ROCs that you’re given is not fixed, but depends upon the price at which they’re trading in the marketplace.

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