Gas Automatic Meter Readings (or AMRs) log your gas consumption data remotely. At Opus Energy, we began installing gas data loggers in August 2013. Our data loggers are connected to the gas meter at the site, and allow a monthly read to be collected remotely. This ensures that the billing on your account remains accurate.

Gas AMRs transmit information about your gas consumption back to Opus Energy remotely. This means that you’re only going to be billed for what you use. Eliminating estimated readings allows your account usage data to be accurate. As readings from gas AMRs are taken remotely, you do not have to arrange for access to allow meter readings to be collected or take them yourself. This makes it an easy and convenient option that fits in with your busy schedule and business. And as the reads that Opus Energy receives from a gas AMR data logger are accurate and not based on estimations, you will be able to better forecast your energy spend based on this information. This improved financial planning will help your business.

Convenience and ease of use

Accuracy of billing

Better financial planning and forecasting

Consumption data: your choices

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