Payment difficulties

At Opus Energy, we understand that running a small business can be challenging and that there may be times when things aren’t going to plan. If your business is experiencing financial difficulties and you’re having trouble paying your energy bills, the most important thing to do is call us and let us know.

You can speak to our Credit team on 0843 227 2366, or alternatively you can pay online using your Opus Energy account.

The Credit team have a great deal of experience in working with small businesses and will be able to work with you to find a credit solution.

Can my energy supply be cut off?

Yes. There are industry mechanisms in place that allow disconnection of supply if a business is defaulting on its energy debts. Because of this, advice agencies usually recommend that you treat gas and electricity bills as a priority debt, and that as soon as you realise your business is having difficulty paying its bills, you should contact your supplier.

If you think you’re having financial difficulties that could result in the energy supply to your business being disconnected, please call our Credit team on 0843 227 2366.

Where can I get more help?

Business Debtline is a charity which offers a free, confidential advice service for small businesses. They produce an online self-help pack called ‘Dealing with your Business Debts’ which you may find of use.

You can view the self-help pack at:

Alternatively, you can visit their website which contains a lot of information to help you with any debt problems.

When will I have to pay a security deposit or a connection fee?

If a meter has been disconnected for non-payment of debt and you wish to arrange to have the meter reconnected, you may need to pay a non-refundable connection fee before the meter is reconnected to the energy supply. If, in this situation, we’re concerned about your ability to pay future invoices, we may also ask you to provide a refundable security deposit as a condition of re-connecting the energy supply to that premises.

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