Our rates

The price you pay for your energy is fixed at the start of your contract, and this will not change throughout the duration of your contract. So no matter what happens to your energy’s wholesale prices during the term of your contract, your business will be protected from the market’s volatility.

There are some elements of your invoice that are charged at a rate either regulated or set by the government and are subject to change. These include some distribution and transmission charges as well as taxes such as the Climate Change Levy and VAT.

Your prices are highlighted on your monthly invoices, and will also be shown on your contract or renewal letter. Alternatively you can log onto your account online, or contact our Customer Service team who will be happy to help.

After your fixed term contract ends

You’ll be charged for your energy at the standard variable rates from the date your current fixed term period ends until the date you switch to another supplier or agree a new contract with us.

You can contact Customer Service on 0843 227 2377 at any time to find information on the current variable rate.

Deemed rates

The UK legislation covering the supply of electricity or gas stipulates that when an individual takes over the responsibility of a property, they’re deemed to have entered into an agreement with the registered supplier of that property. This means that the electricity or gas supplier is required to provide electricity to the customer and that the customer is required to pay for that electricity or gas at the supplier’s published rates until a new contract has been negotiated.

Our current electricity deemed rates are:

  Standing charge (p/day) Unit rate (p/kWh) Availability (p/kVA/day)
01-04 Profile 70 24.00 N/A
05-08 Profile 250 22.50 N/A
Half-Hourly 600 22.50 5.25


Our current gas deemed rates are:

  Standing charge (p/day) Unit rate (p/kWh)
Band 1 90 6.01
Band 2 150 6.01
Band 3 200 6.01
Band 4+ 250 6.01


If you’re currently on Out of Contract rates, call 0845 330 0915 to negotiate the best energy price for your business.

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