Price passthrough

In supplying your energy, we are legally obliged to make payments to certain third party companies for the provision of services, or in order to pay for Government driven regulatory interventions – such as climate change. Opus Energy does not control these costs, and in broad terms, these costs account for about half of your electricity costs. Whilst these charges are calculated and collected with complex methods, we pass them on to you in the simplest form possible as part of your contract rates.

We’re obliged to make payments to some third party companies who help provide a part of the energy supplying service. Some of the charges, such as TNUoS, DUoS and BSUoS, cover the costs of maintaining
the infrastructure and networks that transport energy from the generator to the consumer. There are also some payments that go to the Government as part of schemes and regulations they introduced. For example, the RO, CfD and FiT schemes all help support renewable energy generation.

Finally, some mechanisms like the Capacity Market have been put in place by the Government to ensure security of energy supply is maintained. The prices for all of these have been increased.

We have created a simple guide to what these costs are and you can view it here.

Our Rates

Information about our rates, including out of contract and deemed rates.

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