Backbilling policy

Backbilling policy

What is a backbill?

A backbill is a ‘catch-up’ bill sent to microbusiness customers who haven’t previously been charged correctly, which can result in a large or unexpected bill. We understand that unexpected charges can be frustrating and cause difficulties when you’re running a business and we're committed to supporting customers who find themselves in this situation.

Help with backbilling

As part of our commitment to protecting our microbusiness customers from large or unexpected bills, we announced in 2012 that backbills would be limited to two years of charges. In January 2014, this period was further reduced to one year. In terms of settling the bill, we have extended the payment terms for all customers who receive a backbill and we offer individual payment plans to help customers manage their repayment.

Get in touch with our dedicated team weekdays between 8:30-5pm on 01604 797 306.

If you prefer, free third-party support, Citizens Advice Consumer Service offer confidential and impartial advice on consumer issues on 0845 4040 506 or on their website.

How to prevent backbilling

We aim to provide accurate bills, but we need your help. By sending us meter readings regularly and allowing meter readers to access your premises, you can give us a clearer picture of your energy use. We will continue to evaluate our billing methods and support the rollout of smart meters and advanced (AMR) meters to improve bill accuracy.