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Get smart – boost sustainability

Smart meters give you a more accurate view of how much energy you’re using. And those insights can point the way to positive changes – for both the environment and your business.

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Our customers are benefiting from smart meters

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Join the smart revolution

A smart meter eliminates manual readings, saving you time, as well as estimated bills - so you only pay for what you use. And it supports the UK's drive to tackle the climate crisis.

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Preparing for your smart meter installation

We’ve created a video and a handy checklist to help you prepare for your smart meter installation.

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What's a smart grid?

The UK's emerging smart grid will help integrate renewable energy into the system and efficiently manage electricity supply and demand. Your smart meter's just the start...

Key benefits at a glance

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No estimated bills

Only pay for what you use

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Save time

Save time with automatic meter reads

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Pay nothing extra

No installation or maintenance fees

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Energy control

Control energy usage with consumption data

See all the benefits in this short video

Your installation summary

Find out how we install your smart meter – while keeping your downtime to a minimum – and use our guide to prepare for installation day.

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Be at work

An employee will need to be on-site and able to clear the way to the meter

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Save work

Remind colleagues to save their files before the engineer powers down

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Get back to work

Appliances will be off for only a short time – then you can crack on

Radio Teleswitch meters (RTS)

The radio service that supports Radio Teleswitch meters (RTS) is being phased out and planned to end on 30 June 2025. If you have an RTS meter you’ll need to exchange it. For more information on RTS please visit the Ofgem website.

If you have an RTS meter, contact our third-party Meter Operator, IMServ on 01908 696000 to find out what meter you’re eligible for and to arrange for a new meter Installation.

If your RTS meter isn’t changed by this date, it will stop working.

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Our smart meter performance
and targets for 2024

We support the roll out of smart meters for businesses in the UK - here are our installation targets for 2024:

Opus Energy 2023 Annual Target 2023 Actual Installs 2024 Annual Target
Gas 2537 2228 0*
Electricity 0** 6342 0**

*We’re part of Drax Group. To support our aim to reduce carbon emissions, from March 2023, we no longer offer new or renewed gas contracts.

**The target value is generated by the formula provided by Ofgem. The smart meter rollout remains an Opus priority, and we will continue to proactively install smart meters for our customers throughout the year.

Our promise to you

By signing up to the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP, we’re commited to providing you a great service. This means we’ll:

Your data – and our performance

In addition to our SMICoP commitments, we’re keen to protect your data and rights – and to exceed your expectations.

There may be times when we need to rearrange your smart meter installation for reasons beyond our control – read about our Standards of Performance.

Previously, customers have been able to opt to share their smart data with us every day or month rather than every 30 minutes. From 3 November 2022, the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) have made half hourly data sharing mandatory. This applies to all energy suppliers and is not specific to Opus Energy. Find out more.

Smart support

Smart support

We're happy to help you with the transition to smart. Our resources include Energy efficiency guides for a range of industries, 'How to use your meter' manuals, and FAQs.

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