Guaranteeing standards of service

As your energy supplier, we work closely with energy regulator Ofgem to ensure that you, the customer, gets looked after. To protect your rights as a micro business customer, we adhere to the standards of service or performance outlined below.

Appointments at micro business premises

Whenever we make an appointment with you (whether requested by you or by us), we will always ensure that any Opus Energy representative who visits you has the correct skills, experience and resources to complete the job at hand.

If we make or rearrange an appointment with you, the time slot we give you will be no longer than 4 hours and will take place within working hours (between 8am-8pm Monday to Friday, or 9am-5pm on Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holidays).

If you want, you can request a date and time period for your appointment and we’ll do our best to accommodate this request (unless it’s a period of 2 hours or less, or outside of working hours).

We will always give more than one working day’s notice if we need to rearrange an appointment, unless we have express written agreement from you.

When we don’t keep our appointment standards

In the case that we don’t meet any of the standards laid out above, we will give micro business customers a standard payment of £30. We’ll pay you within 10 working days with an explanation of the standard that was not met.

If we fail to do so in time, we will make another £30 payment to you.

However, you should know that there are a few exceptions to the above. For example, if the appointment is unable to be completed due to a lack of access provided by you, extreme weather prevented us from completing our duties or other circumstances entirely out of our control.

When distributors don’t keep their standards for delivering energy

As your supplier, we are your point of contact for all your energy issues. However, energy itself is distributed by independent companies: either gas transporters or electricity distributors.

Distributors have their own standards of performance to abide by. When they don’t meet these standards, they will inform you and also make a payment to you through us. For example, if there is a large power outage they need to pay you compensation. This payment is delivered to us and we then pass it on to micro business customers within 10 working days of receiving it.

What gas transporters and electricity distributors need to do

Ofgem requires gas transporters and electricity distributors to adhere to certain levels of service as well and when they fail to do, they need to compensate affected micro business customers.

When this is the case, gas and electricity transporters must inform you of your rights and communicate the standards of performance that are included or excluded when it comes to their duties. One compensation doesn’t exclude another one if multiple failures occur.

The standards of performance regulations may:

  • Prescribe circumstances in which gas transporters and electricity distributors must inform customers of their rights, standards of performance that relate to any duty that could fall under the above circumstances or circumstances in which gas transporters and electricity distributors could be exempt from these regulations.
  • Arrange how the compensation related is made (which may require us to make compensation and provide services on the transporter’s behalf).
  • Mean that different provisions are made for different gas transporters and electricity distributors, provided that no transporter or distributor is unduly disadvantaged.