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Opus Advance: 100% renewable electricity

Our planet. It’s all of our business.

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Opus Advance

With Opus Advance, your organisation’s purchasing 100% renewable electricity - as standard - and helping the UK to achieve its net-zero carbon emissions target.

We source this renewable power from generators in the UK and Europe – and EcoAct, an independent sustainability consultancy, audits the product and its processes. What's more, you can be sure that the power you buy is backed by renewable electricity certificates.

And, we'll provide some digital tools to help you raise your profile. You can promote your organisation’s commitment to sustainability through responsible sourcing and purchasing of renewable energy.

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100% renewable

100% renewable electricity sourced from independent generators across the UK and Europe.

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Certifiable energy

We match every MWh your organisation consumes with a renewable electricity certificate.

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Raise your profile

Use our digital certificate, social icons and buttons to help raise your sustainability profile.

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Opus Advance Plus

Opus Advance Plus allows organisations that consume large amounts of electricity to source their power exclusively from wind, solar and hydro sources.

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Choosing Opus Advance Plus supports our UK network of over 2,300 independent generation partners including local farms, schools, and community projects. These producers/consumers (‘prosumers’) generate and use their own renewable electricity – and, with our help, supply any excess power they produce back to the Grid, for general consumption.

If your organisation generates its own electricity – or you’d like to consider the options available – get in touch to find out how we can help.

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100% renewable

100% renewable electricity from UK-only solar, wind, and hydro sources.

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Generated in the UK

The power’s generated in the UK and verified with the relevant certification.

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Certified by EcoAct

EcoAct, an independent third party, audits our product processes. This means you can be sure that, for every bit of electricity you use, the same amount of certified renewable energy is placed on the Grid.

Advance – with Drax

As part of Drax, our ambition is to become carbon negative by 2030 and our purpose is enabling a zero carbon, lower cost energy future. We’re enabling customers like you to improve their energy management and become more sustainable. Together, we can help tackle the climate crisis.

Simply by purchasing renewable power from Opus Energy, you’re making a difference and boosting your sustainability credentials – potentially influencing the purchase decisions of your prospective and existing customers.

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