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6 Things you didn’t know about smart meters

6th November 2015

Smart meters are the latest thing in energy efficiency and can help your business save money each and every year. Here we look at the top 6 things you didn’t know about these “next generation” models.

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  1. Whilst a smart meter itself won’t save you money, it gives you an increased level of control over your usage, providing you with the opportunity to view, analyse and manage your energy consumption much more efficiently. Predictions suggest that consumers will be able to save as much as £23 a year on the average energy bill by 2020.
  2. As well as giving you more accurate readings, your smart meter can also send these precise readings directly to your supplier, bringing an end to estimated billing and ensuring that you only ever pay for the energy you use.
  3. The suppliers save money by receiving this data directly and not having to send engineers out to read your meter. These savings can then be passed on to you.
  4. Recent studies involving research carried out over a ten year period has disproved claims that smart meters aren’t safe, showing that exposure to low-frequency emissions from a smart meter is in fact lower than that of appliances such as microwaves and TVs.
  5. Smart meter technology can give you near real-time information on your energy usage, allowing you to better understand your energy consumption and budget more accurately.
  6. If you produce your own renewably generated energy, a smart meter will enable you to measure how much energy you produce. The smart meter will also calculate whether or not there is a surplus which you could sell back to the grid.

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