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Renewable source electricity for Big Yellow Self Storage

5th February 2021

In the latest win for businesses at the front of the zero-carbon movement, we're delighted to announce that Big Yellow Self Storage has agreed a contract for renewable source electricity supply with Opus Energy for four years.

Big Yellow Self Storage is supplied with our most environmentally friendly tariff for large business, Opus Advance Plus, which gives users carbon-free electricity sourced exclusively from UK-based generators.

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Big Yellow Self Storage has set ambitious sustainability targets, and we’re proud to be able to support them in their ambitions to reach those goals.

By choosing Opus Energy as their preferred supplier for electricity on a long-term contract, Big Yellow Self Storage has saved an estimated 26,000 tonnes of CO2 in the 16 months they’ve been a customer. This represents a “significant impact” in Big Yellow’s carbon emissions reporting.

Gabriella Zepf, Head of Corporate Social Responsibility at Big Yellow Self Storage, said: “In our search for a new energy supplier, we wanted to reduce our environmental impact and manage our costs. We’ve found a partner in Opus Energy that can help us meet both of these strategic goals”.

“All of our stores are supplied by Opus Energy. As our energy partner, Energy & Carbon Management Ltd (E&CM) continue to be pivotal in helping us to manage our energy challenges, such as identifying the best fit energy supplier, like Opus Energy, and we highly value the support E&CM provide with our energy consumption investigations.”

“We’ve been impressed by the partnership between Opus Energy and E&CM. Between them, they ensured a seamless transition from our previous provider, with timely and accurate invoicing, and strong account management.”

“We look forward to continuing to work with Opus Energy over the length of our contract so that we can meet our own sustainability agenda while also delivering excellent value to our customers and our communities.”

Rob Milloy, Sales and Service Director at Opus Energy, said: “We’re delighted to have the opportunity to work alongside Big Yellow Self Storage and help them achieve their sustainability goals.”

“As a dedicated business energy supplier, we’ve got the experience to help support large businesses with every element of their contract and supply.”

“We work closely with all of our third-party intermediaries to ensure our customers get the best service. As part of Drax, we’re committed to enabling a zero carbon, lower cost energy future and welcome the opportunity to help our customers on this journey. We’re committed to delivering the best support and products we can to our customers, even as their needs evolve.”

“We look forward to supporting Big Yellow Self Storage on their sustainability journey over the coming years.”

Big Yellow Self Storage’s energy comes from a mixture of renewable power sources, including:

With all their electricity coming from UK generators, they’re helping to support our network of over 2,300 independent generation partners – including local farms, schools and community projects.

Alongside the carbon savings we’re helping them achieve with renewable energy, Big Yellow Self Storage have set themselves ambitious aims around sustainability.

As well as achieving their latest emissions reductions target, Big Yellow Group has committed to several other sustainability goals:

This has included significant investments in energy efficient lighting, which has helped Big Yellow to minimise any consumption increase despite a growing store portfolio over the same period.

To find out more about Big Yellow Self Storage and how we've helped them, download our case study now.

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