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Understanding your energy invoice

1st September 2014

This week is Small Business Advice Week, so we’ll be sharing a daily advice blog to help small businesses with important energy topics.

Firstly, here’s the lowdown on understanding your energy invoice

Understanding your energy invoice

The main point about an energy bill is that its primary objective is to be a clear, concise and transparent method of communication between the energy supplier and the customer. This enables customers to fully understand how their bill is calculated and provide additional information to help answer energy consumption and cost questions.

Opus Energy recently launched a redesigned invoice to introduce greater clarity for our customers. There’s often a lot to fit onto one bill, so making it easy to interpret is a major objective.

We’ve broken it down into four easy-to-follow steps:

1. How do I find out how much energy I’ve used and what it costs?

The front of the bill sets out essential information such as the type of invoice (gas or electricity), the period the bill covers and the total cost of and how much energy has been used. The consumption level is also available to view as a visual snapshot.

2. My bill has additional charges listed – what do these mean?

As well as communicating the cost of your energy consumption, your bill will also include a standing charge. This is a fixed charge that goes to help maintain the electricity network so the electricity you need can be delivered to your premises. Your bill will also include a VAT charge, which is 20%. However, some businesses may qualify for a reduced VAT rate. Your bill also includes a Climate Change Levy (CCL).

3. How can I check which contract I am on?

Your bill includes details of your contract, and when it comes to an end. If you have any questions about your contract, you can always get in touch with your supplier to get them answered.

4. How do I get in touch if I have a query?

We know how important it is to get through to a customer services representative quickly if you have a query. Our bills clearly lay out several ways to contact us and we pride ourselves on our quick responses.

If you’re an Opus Energy customer and want more information on what your energy bill means should not hesitate to contact us.