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Certify your business with 100% renewable electricity

Produced by a variety of renewable technologies sourced exclusively from our generators based right here in the UK

Our UK‑generated power

We source electricity from around 2,100 renewable generators all over the UK. We are committed to helping reduce climate change and maintaining a cleaner energy supply.

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What are renewable energy certificates?

Renewable energy certificates are issued by governmental regulators to renewable generators for each megawatt hour (MWh) of electricity they produce - 1 certificate per MWh.

Electricity from a variety of sources is fed into the National Grid, which is then sent to homes and businesses across the UK. The purpose of the grid is to supply enough electricity to meet everybody's demands, and both renewable and non-renewable sources are used to achieve this.

It is impossible to guarantee that any one consumer is using 100% renewable electricity, however when you purchase renewable electricity from us, we guarantee to match every MWh that your business consumes with a guarantee of origin certificate.

Our processes are audited by EcoAct, independent third-party experts, to give you the assurance that for every bit of electricity you use the same amount of certified renewable energy is placed on the Grid.

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Roger Ashby

Proud to be renewable

Proud to be renewable

Supporting renewable electricity generation is a big green tick for customers looking to make a sustainable choice. If you chose our highest offering, Carbon Free Plus, we will give you the tools and additional support to show your customers that you are supporting a more sustainable future.

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