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Questions about my smart meter

1. I'm moving premises, can I take the smart meter with me?

No, unfortunately you can’t. However, when you agree a new contract with us for the new premises, we’ll happily come and install a new smart meter at no extra cost.

2. I have a smart meter but I have been asked to provide meter readings, why is this?

Smart meters, just like our computers, mobile phones or any other modern devices, may not always work as expected. In case there is ever a problem with getting automatic reads from your meter, we will write to you to let you know that we might need you to submit reads until the connection is re-established. We will be in touch with you to arrange an appointment for an engineer to come and fix the meter.

3. My first bill is higher than usual. Is my smart meter broken?

No, your smart meter is not broken. The reason your first bill with a smart meter may be higher than expected is that an accurate read has caused an initial spike between what we were previously estimating your consumption to be and what it really was. If you hadn’t provided us with a recent or regular read before the installation, the estimations were likely incorrect. This should not be a problem going forward as your bills will be based on accurate reads from now on.

4. Why do I still have estimated consumption on my bill if I have a smart meter?

It's quite likely that part of your first bill will still be based on estimated reads. The reason for this is that you probably won't have your meter installed the same day as your most recent bill is generated. So we will still need to estimate your consumption up to the point of when the smart meter is automatically connected to our systems. It should all be automated from then onwards.

6. I have a smart meter installed by a different supplier, can I still transfer to Opus Energy?

Yes. But depending on the type of meter you have, you might lose some of the functionality. For example, it's possible that you will have to start submitting reads on a regular basis again, turning it into a regular meter. This loss of functionality is temporary, only applies to specific smart meters and it's expected to be fixed in the second half of 2019. You can read more about it on the DCC website or feel free to raise any concerns with our Smart Operations team on 0800 6681337 or by email.

7. How can I encourage my employees to be more energy efficient?

Involving your employees in understanding energy use is one of the best ways to achieve your efficiency goals. To motivate them, try to make it into a competition. Why not offer a free lunch to the team that comes up with the most energy saving ideas or commit to donating the savings to a local charity that they choose? You can find more tips in our energy efficiency guides.

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