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Fixed rates

The price you pay for your energy is fixed at the start of your contract. To be able to guarantee the cost of your energy, we will purchase it upfront for your fixed period. For this reason, if you attempt to switch suppliers during the fixed period we may object to the transfer.

All prices are subject to VAT, Climate Change Levy and include third party charges required to provide your energy supply. These charges can change over time and the changes may be passed on to you.

If you are a new customer who has recently transferred to us, or an existing customer who has renegotiated a new contract, you are likely to be on a contract that includes a fixed period.

Where can I find out what price I am paying?

When you agreed your contract with us, we wrote to you confirming your prices and the details of your contract. But if you can’t find it, don’t worry! Your prices are also on your monthly bill, in your online account under the Account View section or you can call our Customer Service team on 0843227 2377 and they’ll be able to tell you.

What happens when my Fixed Period ends?

We will write to you to let you know that the end of your fixed period is approaching. This letter will include details of your current price, as well as explain what happens next.

If you choose not to negotiate a new contract but remain supplied by us after your fixed period has expired, your account will move onto a variable rate. These rates can change at any time, and you can usually get a better deal with a new contract. Your contract will continue on this variable rate until you agree a new contract or switch to a new supplier.

The prices of these rates are included in the letter and are likely to be higher than what you pay during your fixed period so we recommend you get in touch to renegotiate a new contract by calling 01604 653304.