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Variable rates

We will write to you to let you know the end of your fixed period is approaching and let you know your options if you don’t renegotiate a contract.

When your fixed period ends, and you don't agree a new contract, or switch to a new supplier, your contract will move from its ‘Fixed period’ into its ‘Variable period’. These rates can change at any time, and you can usually get a better deal with a new contract. Your contract will continue on this variable rate until you agree a new contract or switch to a new supplier.

If you want to change supplier, you no longer need to send us a termination notice. You’ll still need to pay any outstanding balance before you switch, or we may object. You’ll be unable to leave before the fixed period expires.

Variable rates are likely to be higher than what you pay during your fixed period so we recommend you get in touch to renegotiate a new contract by calling 01604 653304.

If you don’t have or can’t find the letter or bill mentioned above, just contact our Customer Service team and they’ll be able to discuss your variable rates and options with you