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With a smart meter, you can now see your detailed consumption data in your My Opus Energy account. By default, we will show you consumption for 30-minute intervals, unless you tell us otherwise. You can then use this data to make informed choices and control when you use the most energy.

Use energy more efficiently

Use energy more efficiently

Now that you have a smart meter, you can more accurately understand the impact of energy efficiency efforts as you can see the peaks and troughs of detailed usage in your online account. We've prepared a few tips, starting with ones that you can implement straight away, and shared tailored advice in the Energy Efficiency section.

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How did the installation go?

We strive to provide you with a great service; from communicating the benefits of smart meters, to giving you a good experience during the installation and helping you understand how to be more energy efficient afterwards.

As part of our commitment to SMICoP (Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice) you might be invited to a survey by an independent research company to share your experience of having a smart meter installed. We recommend you are honest in your appraisal and we welcome your feedback to help us and our partners improve.

If you would also like to give us feedback directly, please fill in the form below.

You can find this in the top right-hand side of your bill.

How much data can we access from your new smart meter?

By default, your smart meter will record consumption for 30-minute intervals. This can help us create relevant offers and tariffs in the future based on what you actually use. And the more data we can get from all of our customers combined, the better we are able to forecast energy use and reflect that in competitive prices. It could also enable us to create useful reports analysing energy consumption at scale so that you can benchmark your usage against those with similar premises and business type.

But the data generated by the meter is your data so you decide how much you want to share. If you would prefer to change the frequency with which we receive reads to a daily or a monthly read, just let us know.

You can reach us Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm.

Call: 0800 668 1337


The more meter reads you allow us to collect, the more we can show in your online account in return.

Your first bill with a smart meter

It's quite likely that part of your first bill will still be based on estimated reads. The reason for this is that you probably won't have your meter installed the same day as your most recent bill is generated. So we will still need to estimate your consumption up to the point of when the smart meter is connected to our systems. It should all be automated from then onwards.

You should also know that your first bill with smart meter may be higher than expected. The reason is that an accurate read has caused an initial spike between what we were previously estimating your consumption to be and what it really was. If you hadn’t provided us with a recent or regular read before the installation, the estimations were likely incorrect. This should not be a problem going forward as your bills will be based on accurate reads from now on.

How to use your smart meter

One of the benefits of smart meters is that you won’t have the submit meter reads anymore. But if you ever need to check your energy use or browse the options, the steps you need to take depend on the meter you have. Select one of the guides below:




If the meter isn't working as expected

Smart meters, just like our computers, mobile phones or any other modern devices, may not always work as expected. If you suspect there is a problem with your meter, please get in touch with our metering teams. Their in-depth knowledge will be best-placed to ensure any issues are fixed as fast as possible. Don't worry, if we need to replace your smart meter with a new one, we won't charge you for it.

Our teams are available Monday to Friday 8am-6pm.

For electricity, call 0843 2272352

For gas, call 0845 2637201

If you have a power cut or you can smell gas, please follow the emergency advice.