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Kicking off: 14 of the oddest things we’ve read about smart meters

26th February 2020

We’ve heard a lot of things about smart meters recently, and we’re not happy. From hysterical headlines to downright absurd assertions, there’s meter misinformation abound.

Maybe you’ve heard the smart meters pose a health risk, or you’re concerned about data privacy, or whether you can trust your energy supplier.

But don’t worry - we’re here to tell you the truth about smart meters. We’ll be dispelling some of the myths, and letting you know exactly why some of these myths are not-quite-so-true.

To do so, we’ve enlisted our in-house expert, Bjoern Reinke. Bjoern is our Director of Data and Data Science, and has played a key role in the smart meter roll-out here at Opus Energy.

We confronted Bjoern with some of the oddest things we’ve read about smart and asked him to present the facts.

Look out for each of the myths over the next few weeks. In our first video below, Bjoern discusses whether or not it’s true that “smart meters only reduce energy consumption by 2%”…

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There you have it: there’s more to the headline than meets the eye. Smart meters alone won’t reduce your energy consumption but can help you to learn more about your energy habits and identify the opportunities to reduce your energy use and costs.

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