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Mastering energy management with peak and off-peak electricity

15th September 2015

With the rollout of smart meters happening countrywide, the amount of energy we’re using is now more transparent than it’s even been before.

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It’s all thanks to smart meters, and advanced meters. These helpful devices allow energy consumers to see how much energy they’re using straight away, as well as how much that energy is costing them (and research suggests these smart meter users are very happy with this knowledge).

This is good news for businesses on a budget, and it’s especially good news for businesses with peak and off-peak operating energy tariffs.

Moving your energy usage to off-peak times obviously will help reduce your energy bill, and smart meters are just a small part of this savvy style of management.

As part of new Ofgem changes for large businesses to start collecting half-hourly consumption data, plus small businesses by 2020, we’re sharing our best tips for energy management – including how to move your energy usage patterns to suit an off-peak time.

We have a dedicated page on our website for energy management tips for businesses - click here to visit.

Here’s a taster of the tips on offer:

Switch your shift patterns – Work your schedule so that employees using, for example, heavy machinery, are set to work off-peak hours. Plan your lighter workforce to be on during on-peak.

Go high-tech with your energy management – For example, installing occupancy sensors will switch off unnecessary lights that aren’t being used, and will save you energy without even trying.

To find out more about the half-hourly changes for large businesses, and if or how this will affect you, check out this fact-sheet from Ofgem.

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