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96% of Opus Energy’s electricity is renewable

10th October 2016

Opting to be powered by renewable energy can be costly, and you often have to choose a custom energy contract with a specialist supplier to get it.

Wind turbine

Unless you’re with Opus Energy, that is. Last year, an average 96% of electricity supplied to our customers has come from renewable, responsible sources.

That means that from April 2015 to March 2016, almost every Opus Energy electricity customer was using a source of energy that was low in carbon emissions and environmentally friendly.

The average amount of renewable electricity all other UK suppliers provided last year? 24%.

This feat is in no small part down to the UK-based generators we work with. Small and medium businesses all over the UK have set up their own generators – from farmers with spare land for a wind turbine, to zoo managers who have installed their own solar panels – and we buy back any energy they don’t use themselves. This is then passed on to Opus Energy customers so they can benefit from responsibly-sourced renewable energy.

Here’s the breakdown of the exact numbers, from April 2015 to March 2016:

Electricity received by Opus Energy SME customers:

Electricity received by Opus Energy Corporate customers:

With many brands and companies pledging environmentally-conscious policies, it’s perhaps not surprising that Corporate customers are requesting a large amount of renewable energy.

One of Opus Energy’s most recent success stories is “naturally fast food” chain, LEON. LEON is focused upon delivering a responsible service, and this extends to the energy they use to power their business. They recently switched to a 100% renewable contract with Opus Energy in an effort to “invest in the future”.

Opus Energy is the leading independent energy supplier for businesses in the UK – we’re the sixth largest choice for businesses and now supply over 275,000 customers. What’s more, 90% of our customers renew their contracts.

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