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Our UK renewable power generation, at a glance

3rd October 2017

Opus Energy is committed to sustainability – last year, 90% of the energy supplied to our customers came from renewable sources.

We don’t just supply energy, however. We also buy energy from renewable generators across the UK.

Our UK renewable power generation, at a glance

Note: each pin is indicative of location and type of generator – not number of generators (or our illustrated map would be a little crowded)

The generators that we partner with come from a wide range of backgrounds, from businesses that specialise in running generator farms, to community schemes, sports clubs and even a zoo. We help our customers set up a generator, such as a wind turbine, AD plant or solar panels, so they can become self-sufficient by generating their own energy.

They can also choose to set up a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with us – meaning we buy back their energy so they can make some extra money, while we get more renewable energy to pass back to our customers.

In total, our partnered generators have a combined capacity of 560 MW.

With generators from Cornwall to Scotland, we’re helping to reduce the carbon intensity of the energy network while providing clean, responsibly-sourced energy to our customers.


The numbers:

Opus Energy is currently working with a total of 2,300 UK-based renewable energy generators, with…

1,158 solar generators
997 wind generators
69 hydropower generators
47 combined heat and power stations
38 anaerobic digestion units
1 landfill gas generator

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