Insights / LEON works with Opus Energy to get 100% solar power

LEON works with Opus Energy to get 100% solar power

30th June 2016

Naturally fast food chain LEON is furthering its commitment to renewable energy by moving to exclusively using 100% solar power in celebration of the summer season.

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The solar energy that will power LEON restaurants will come from over 1,000 solar generation sites across the UK, who pass their excess power on to Opus Energy. They kicked off their renewable initiative on 21 June when the UK celebrated the Summer Solstice.

Steve James, Director Corporate Solutions at Opus Energy, commented: “Solar power plays a vital role in our renewable energy mix, and the UK is one of the world leaders in solar deployment.

“At Opus Energy we are very proud of our ability to provide renewable source electricity to our customers, as well as supporting those who want to generate their own power and make the most of our natural resources – especially in the midst of this year’s heatwave.”

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The move comes after LEON announced in August 2016 that they would be partnering with Opus Energy to provide renewable source electricity to power their good-food restaurants across the UK.

Kirsty Saddler, Director of Marketing at LEON said: “At LEON we want our food to taste good, do you good and make you feel good. But more than that, we want to bring it to you in a way that is kind to the planet.

“We are a company driven by positivity and purpose. We constantly challenge ourselves to see if we can do better and moved to a renewable source electricity contract… We are determined to invest in the future, rather than just the bottom line.”

To find out more about Opus Energy’s renewable offerings, visit our website.

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