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LEON moves to 100% renewable energy

23rd October 2016

Naturally fast food chain LEON has switched to a green energy deal made up of 100% renewable energy.

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The company is working in partnership with Opus Energy, based in Northampton and Oxford, which purchases renewable energy from over 2,000 independent generators. Sources include wind turbines, solar panels, hydro and anaerobic digestion.

Kirsty Saddler, Director of Marketing at LEON said: “At LEON we want our food to taste good, do you good and make you feel good. But more than that, we want to bring it to you in a way that is kind to the planet.

“We are a company driven by positivity and purpose. We constantly challenge ourselves to see if we can do better and moved to a 100% renewable energy contract, even though it wasn’t the cheapest offer on the table. We are determined to invest in the future, rather than just the bottom line.”

Steve James, Director of Corporate Solutions at Opus Energy said: “Partnering with a company with such a clear ambition on its renewable policy, making a conscience choice in a highly competitive market, is refreshing for the industry. LEON is based on natural products and by using our 100% renewable tariff, LEON is tapping into a sustainable, clean energy source that lives up to its reputation as a fair and ethical business.”

The contract covers all LEON-owned stores where the energy contract is not managed by a third party.

About LEON: LEON was founded in 2004 by John Vincent and Henry Dimbleby, along with well-known chef Allegra McEvedy, with the aim to make it easy for everybody to eat and live well. LEON created the category of Naturally Fast Food; food that tastes good, does you good and is affordable. LEON invented the ‘Superfood Salad’, and has a menu inspired by Mediterranean ingredients as well as fast food classics. LEON have been champions of free-from food, and were the first to display nutritional symbols on their menus.

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