Insights / A cut above the rest: The power of the local barbershop

A cut above the rest: The power of the local barbershop

25th March 2019

Beckets is a leading barbershop and men’s hairdressers on the Wellingborough Road in Northampton, catering to the discerning gentleman.

“We look at the experience factor. Barbering, men’s hairdressing, experts on beards, shaving as well. It’s really key to the customer experience,” explains Joe Angiers, manager and co-owner at Beckets.

“It’s a great environment to work in, very chilled, professional.”

A cut above the rest: The power of the local barbershop

Beckets is just one of the 340,000 businesses premises in the UK which is powered by Opus Energy and has been for over three years. Joe, as manager of the shop, has been delighted with the service he’s experienced throughout and would “definitely” recommend Opus Energy as a supplier.

“I’ve been an Opus Energy customer for just over three years now. They were offering good, three-year contracts at a great, competitive price, and it was great to take advantage of a local company doing that,” says Joe.

Opus Energy is based in Northampton, at headquarters Opus Energy House. The fact that we’re local to the area is part of the appeal for many of our customers, including Joe, but its our competitive pricing and customer service that makes us the stand-out supplier.

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“We’re really happy. They look after us as a long-term, loyal customer. We’re happy to continue and they’re happy to look after us; it was a bit of a no-brainer, really.”

“It’s easy to recommend something when it’s good, and it’s easy to talk to people about it.”

The Northampton barbershop is highly-rated, and in a competitive industry it helps to be ahead of the curve.

“The challenge is always trying to be five steps ahead of everywhere else,” explains Joe.

“Given what we do – we’re hairdressers, barbers – there’s a lot of competition out there, a lot of people doing what we’re doing.

“As a small company, we always try to look around at what other places are doing and do the best we possibly can.”

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Despite the ambition, Joe is cautious of growing too quickly. Balancing success and expansion without compromising on quality is one of his foremost concerns, and so a considered approach – quality over quantity – is the way forward. The business is doing its part, too, for budding apprentices who are learning their trade at Beckets.

“Everyone’s got different ambitions, different goals. Keeping it under one roof is great for us, especially as a small company.

“We’re not looking at trying to generate five, six shops. It’s always hard to spread the quality when we’re doing it the way we are in here.

“Keep improving what we’re already doing. That’s the most important thing for us. And being a step ahead.”

If you’re interested in joining Joe and becoming one of the 1,500 businesses that switch to Opus Energy every week, click here to get an online quote for your energy.

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