Insights / Energising expertise: How this framing business became outstanding in their field

Energising expertise: How this framing business became outstanding in their field

1st August 2019

Picture Perfect is a bespoke framing business founded in 1998 and based in Northampton. It’s the largest professional framing business in Northamptonshire, run by Neil Duguid and a small team of highly skilled workers.

“We’re not only members of the Fine Art Trade Guild, but I used to be a director at the Fine Art Trade Guild,” explains Neil. “I was also on their International Framing Committee, setting all the standards for quality and the materials that we use."

Energising expertise: How this framing business became outstanding in their field

“Between myself and the other people on that committee, there’s not much about our industry that we don’t know, so we’re able to take on jobs that I think a lot of other people can’t manage.”

"I would recommend Opus Energy to anyone."

Neil Duguid, small business owner

An Opus Energy customer since 2015, Picture Perfect has long been established as one of the leading businesses in its field thanks to the quality of its work.

The business offers five different degrees of framing, from basic all the way through to museum-grade conservation frames. The staff have seen a remarkable array of items for framing, ranging from the everyday - certificates, football shirts - to the obscure, including high-end art, pieces of the Berlin Wall, and musical instruments from drumsticks to guitars.

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A big part of Picture Perfect’s steady stream of clients, including names like Mercedes and Carlsberg, is the reliable reputation they’ve cultivated.

“We do work for all sorts of people in all sorts of industries and so, over a period of time, you build slowly by looking after them and hoping to keep them coming back and being loyal to us.

“Once people trust the quality of work, they’ll keep coming back. We look after people.”

Why choose Opus Energy?

With his focus on his loyal customers and specialist team who make the work happen, Neil needed an energy supplier who would go above and beyond to make sure his business can run without any interruption.

“Opus Energy were local and trying to support other businesses, so I was interested in that. The service has always been good, so when we took on new locations… it was obvious to come to Opus Energy first.”

“We get a quick response on the phone and when you do have an issue or a question it’s answered very swiftly, so it works for us.”

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Picture Perfect are one of the 340,000 business premises that Opus Energy supplies gas or electricity to in the UK- over 90% of which are small and medium sized enterprises.

With renewable source electricity supplied last year and reliable, UK-based customer service, Opus Energy is Neil’s supplier of choice for all three sites he manages.

“I would recommend Opus Energy to anyone.”

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