Insights / Small business success: The energy source behind this art entrepreneur

Small business success: The energy source behind this art entrepreneur

20th November 2018

Wychwood Art Gallery sits in the heart of Deddington, a small village in Oxfordshire, and has done so since 2016.

Deborah Allen, founder and director of Wychwood Art Gallery, established her business after a lengthy career at the top of the art world, including director-level roles at world-renowned auction houses Christies and Bonhams.

Small business success: The energy source behind this art entrepreneur

“Lots of people were asking me, “How can I find affordable art?” commented Deborah. “I was looking at very high-end art, but I knew there was affordable art out there and that’s when I started the business.

“We sell art to people that come into the gallery, and we also sell online to people in the UK and people all over the world.” With clients all over the world and across the UK, Deborah’s has a varied schedule, as she explains.

“Every day is different. There are a lot of local clients that we have, but we also have clients from London and from all over the world.

“I don’t sit in the gallery expecting people to come to me; I’m out there seeing clients.”

Whether that means trips to Europe or to neighbouring counties to see private collections, Deborah is “always on call”.

“I think small businesses need to support each other – because that’s the only way that we’re going to grow as independents.”

“I have a great team here who I can depend on. That’s really important – like any good business, you need a really good team behind you, and I have that.

“So, I feel confident that I can go out and go meet new clients and leave the team here to see the clients that are coming in to the gallery.”

Opus Energy is a part of that team. Deborah chose Opus Energy as her energy supplier for the gallery in 2016 and hasn’t looked back since.

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Why choose Opus Energy?

For Deborah, the most important thing was finding an energy supplier who was always available.

“I found that Opus Energy, when I wanted to call them, were always available and I could actually speak to somebody as opposed to having to speak to an automated machine,” explained Deborah.

“I find that with the other bigger energy companies, it takes a long time to speak to somebody, you have to go through lots of different avenues until you find the right person, and then they’re not as quick to respond.

“With Opus Energy I find the service really good. They’re very personable; I felt they were local which really helped, actually, because we’re a local business. So, I felt that Opus Energy was close by – and in fact I found out that they’re in Oxford, which is just around the corner.”

Personable customer service, competitive rates and a supportive approach are what set Opus Energy apart, and Deborah is clear; “I would definitely recommend Opus Energy.”

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If you’re interested in joining Deborah and more than 1,500 other businesses that switch to Opus Energy every week, click here to get a competitive energy quote.

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