If your bill is higher than expected

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At Opus Energy, we're committed to billing you accurately. But if you feel that your bill is higher than usual, we want to help you understand the possible reasons. Here are the different factors that could have played a part in this:

Meter read history

Have you been submitting meter readings regularly? If we don’t receive regular meter readings from you but you sent us one recently, we have been underestimating your usage and now we have a better understanding of your actual consumption.

We recommend you check your read history on your invoice or in your online account to confirm.

Installation of new equipment

If you have recently installed some new equipment into your property, this could have increased your energy consumption. Please check the wattage on the equipment to make sure.

We can also review the equipment you are using and confirm if your consumption is in line with this. Simply complete this Appliance-usage-chart appliance usage chart and send it to contactus@opusenergy.com if you would like us to do this.

Has your contract ended?

If you have not agreed a new contract once your fixed term contracted ended or you haven’t given us notice to leave, you could be billed using our variable rate. Please check your contract period.

If you would like to negotiate a new contract with us, our Sales team on 0160 465 3304 will be happy to give you a bespoke quote based on your needs.

We also have a handy online guide which explains our bills in greater detail.

Our backbilling policy

We’re committed to delivering the highest standards of customer service, and as part of our commitment you can read more about our backbilling policy on our dedicated page.