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Putting you in control of your energy use

3rd May 2021

Smart meters are helping to put Opus Energy customers in charge of their energy use.

Vernon Christopher from V&H Christopher is just one of many happy Opus Energy customers who’s recently had smart meters installed at his business, a farm in Stalbridge.

Putting you in control of your energy use

Mr Christopher is confident that the four new smart meters installed at his business will help to keep him in control of his energy.

“As a farm, we have to budget for everything - electricity is one of those things. In the past it’s been quite difficult because we have four meters on the farm here.

“Having to go around them all has been quite tricky, so hopefully it’ll be easier now.”

“Overall, hopefully this’ll keep an eye on our electricity usage and help us with budgeting on the farm.

“I think this’ll really help put us back in control of our energy usage.”

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IMServ, our installation partner, carried out this installation, following the new protocols we introduced last year to keep our customers and installers safe.

“I left him my phone number; it was no inconvenience. He wore a mask all day, and kept two meters apart, so I felt very safe,” said Tom Christopher.

With safety front of mind during the installation, Mr Christopher was reassured by our commitment to keeping our customers safe and the “brilliant service” he received.

“We can see the cost of what we’re spending now, and we can manage it a bit better.”

The benefits of smart meters

Smart meters are the first building blocks of a smarter, better connected energy network: The smart grid.

An intelligent electricity infrastructure will underpin our transition to a zero-carbon, lower-cost energy future.

This will help to balance the network more easily, supporting the integration of more renewable energy generation.

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We’ve recently released a new smartphone app which allows our small business customers to keep an eye on their energy costs while on the move. Read more about it.

Keeping you safe

We know that safety is more important now than ever before. We’re working closely with our smart meter installation partners to ensure we can deliver a safe, COVID-compliant service to our customers.

Last year, we announced our commitment to our customers, a set of promises we’ll stick to before, during, and after smart meter installation appointments.

You can find out more about these safety protocols by watching our video, or following the link below.

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Read our announcement on safe smart meter installation appointments.

Our promises to you

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