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Take control of your energy with a smart meter

No more meter read submissions. No more estimated bills. No more hassle. Smart meters are the next generation of energy meters that will give you a more accurate view of your consumption and give the industry more data to manage supply and demand at a national level.

We are installing a new generation of smart meters as part of a nation-wide rollout initiated by the Government which enables customers and small businesses to upgrade at no extra cost by 2020. You don't have to have one, but we would really recommend it. Because rather than just a Government initiative, we view the smart meter rollout as an opportunity to make the energy industry better. We think it's the start for something exciting for the business community.

What are the benefits for businesses?

ICON Save money

Budget certainty from regular reads

ICON Save time

Save time with automatic meter reads

ICON Installation

No cost for installation and no maintenance fees

ICON Energy efficiency

Control over the energy you use with consumption data

The Smart Grid

The Smart Grid

The UK is switching to a smart grid, which will be fully functional by 2030. It’ll reduce costs, help integrate renewable energy systems and efficiently manage the supply and demand of power. Smart meters will play a big part in the switch and this is a great chance to get your business moving forward.

Smart grid

Request a smart meter

We're currently working on installing new generation smart meters for our customers across the country and we will contact you when we're ready to exchange your meter for a smart meter if you’re eligible for it. When you book your installation, you will be given a four-hour appointment window (e.g. 8-12 or 13-17). The engineer can arrive at any point of this timeslot, but your appointment will usually last about 90 minutes.

Let us know you’re interested by filling in the form below and we will use the details to get in touch when smart meters are available in your area. Or if you’re a Corporate Customer, you can contact your Account Manager for more details.

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Appointment booked? How to prepare for the day

ICON Next steps

Already on smart? Next steps

ICON Energy efficiency

Save energy with free, low-cost and high impact tips

Your data, your choice

Smart meters record your usage every 30 minutes, but how much of that data is passed on to us is entirely up to you. You can choose to share half-hourly, daily or monthly reads and you can change your mind at any point regardless of your choice.

One read per month is the minimum needed for us to be able to send you a bill. You can read more about smart meter data and how to change the frequency on our dedicated page.

Your data options

Our promise to you

We signed onto the Smart Metering Installation Code of Practice (SMICoP). What does this mean for you? It ensures our commitment to providing you with a great service, including:

Whenever we make an appointment with you, we will always ensure that any Opus Energy representative who visits you has the correct skills, experience and resources to complete the job at hand.

If, for reasons outside of our control, we can no longer make the appointment and we need to rearrange, your rights are protected by our Standards of Performance.

Learn more about smart metering

Smart Meters: a guide Guidance from the Government on what smart meters are, explaining benefits, privacy and progress with the rollout.

Smart energy GB Independent from energy suppliers and the government, Smart Energy GB promotes the benefits of smart meters to the public.

Transition to smart meters A dedicated page from Ofgem explaining key parts of the smart meter rollout and including recent publications related to it.

What is the Smart Grid? A simplified explanation from the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) of how the smart grid works, how it's different from the current grid its role for the future.

*Subject to availability, standard terms and conditions of installation and supply and contractual acceptance by Opus Energy and our metering partners.